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4th Class

Poetry Selection > Easter Poetry 2007-2008

My Easter break

My Easter break - Oh what joy!
I look forward to my chocolate egg - Oh boy!
The Easter bunny will be on the run
Bring eggs to everyone and have such fun.
I will be busy on the farm.
I will have to clean out the barn.
In the field the lambs will skip and hop,
The daffodils will be in full bloom
With the yellow and green colours
There will be no gloom or doom.
I look forward to my Easter break
To get my boat and head to the lake

By Kevin Grealis


Easter will soon be here
Everyone is full of cheer.
The Easter bunny is on the run
The eggs I get will weigh a ton.
I will eat them all day
Not a penny I have to pay.
I will have fun with my friends
Until the day ends.
A good time of year
When Easter is here.

By Robert McManamon

My Easter Break

Here we are, with Easter near
Full of laughter, full of cheer.
Two weeks off for fun, fun, fun
Easter bunny here we come.
Easter hunt and Easter eggs
We will be as sick as dogs
With tired legs.
Friends and family here to stay
My Easter break will be soon clear.

By Michael McManamon

My Easter Break

I waited in bed to rest my head
And my poor tummy too.
My mother had said,
“Don’t eat our Easter eggs”
But did I listen? - No I had 11 Easter eggs.
How was I to know it would
Make me feel unwell.
So I lie here in bed feeling unwell
And that was my
Easter break!!

By Ellen Conway

My Easter Break

I love Easter
It’s so much fun.
I get Easter eggs
From the bunny,
I go outside to play,
I get my Easter Holidays.
The chicks and the lambs are born
Soon the farmers will grow corn.

By Áine Ginty

My Easter Break

My Easter break was great.
I met the Easter bunny
On Easter Sunday.
I did cool things
With my friends.
Eating Easter eggs
But when I woke
Up the next morning
I felt so sick.
I missed school for the next week
So that was my Easter break
But now I feel great.

By Francis Ginty

My Easter Break

Easter is coming,
The place is going to be stunning
With all the cakes
And all the pies
Everyone is going to get a surprise.
All the children are dancing with delight
No one will ever give us a fright
Just keep dancing very high
No one will ever reach the sky.

By Seán Ginty.

My Easter Break

Easter is a fun time to play
We go out and play all day.
We end at nine but we are fine
Isn’t this a cool little Rhyme.

By Matthew Butler.

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