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4th Class

Poetry Selection > Halloween Poetry 2007-2008

Halloween night

Halloween is here
We get a fright.
Tonight Vampires,
witches and ghosts
Come together
And give a
Trick or treat,
At Halloween
tonight Monsters
Are out
To give a Shout.
Go out To fly about.

By Matthew Butler


The big black witch
Is out at night.
costumes are so bright,
a spider is wild.
skeleton is white
the fireworks are bright.

children are dressed as sweets,
they sit on their seat.
owl is hooting
a ghost is whooping.
bullet was shot a nut popped
There was a scream
in the street the cop was on the beat
he sat on the seat
there was no sweet!

By Kevin Grealis


Children in costumes,
scary people
night grim weeper
a deadly knife,
Killing people
Like a weep.
Vampires coming out of graves
witch is flying a broom in my room
sweets are sweet,
Graveyard is dark,
the dog will bark.

By Michael McManamon


Halloween is bad,
Oh how sad
the witch is flying
Past the moon,
On her broom
Ghosts and monsters
following her around
Because she has a new hound
everyone thinks 's worth a few pound.
The hound has a big barki
Especially in the dark.

By Francis Ginty


It was Halloween night
And the moon was out.
I got a fright on Halloween night
When the full moon was out.
The ware wolf will shout.
The skeleton is dancing
Down the street.
Indoors, outdoors
In his skinny feet.
The witches are looking
Around for a pound.

By Sean Ginty


On Halloween night
I got a fright.
The witch is on her broom,
Flying around the room.
The storm is bad
I am mad.
I see the most
The children
Trick or treat
All around the street.
They wear costumes,
They glow in the full moon,
I get money I spend it on honey.
The bats fly around the room
In the full moon.

By Robert McManamon


For everyone
It makes
People laugh,
Like vampires
And bats.

The witch is
Flying high,
Right up into
The sky.
With her
Black cat
On her hat.

Barm-brack, nuts
Apples and sweets.
These are all
Really good treats!!!

By Ellen Conway


It was Halloween night,
It was scary,
The witches were flying on their brooms.

We went trick or treating for lots of sweets.
We were all dressed up in scary costumes.
As Halloween only comes once a year
Go out in the dark and give people a fright!!

By Áine Ginty

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