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5th Class

Poetry Selection > Easter Poetry 2007-2008

My Easter Break

It’s Easter time again
Good times and joyful for them
Us eating Easter eggs
Make us feel unwell
And maybe a little swell.
Everything went well at Easter,
Back to school we go - maths, geography, history.
We all go “No! No! No!”
It was a big mistake for all of them
But it was not a big mistake going outside hunting
For chocolate wrens and hens.
Bye bye everybody 'til next years cheer
We will have a beer to celebrate
The Chinese new year.

By Ann Sweeney

My Easter Break

After forty days of fasting
You will be glad to hear
That Easter is approaching
With all its fun and cheer.

All the children waiting
For the Easter bunny to come
To see how many eggs they’ll get
And hopefully one for mum
And that is my Easter break!

By Peter Cafferkey

My Easter Break

Easter is here
There are eggs all around
They are hidden all over the ground.

The hunt is on to see who can boast
That they have colleted the most.

Will it be you ?or will it be me?
We’ll know for sure before the tea.

By Padraic Ginty

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