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5th Class

Poetry Selection > Halloween Poetry 2007-2008

Bad barm brack

I eat a bit of barm brack
And I suffer from a bad back.
The witch was flying past the moon
On her broom.

The skeleton was going around looking for a pound
And I saw a vampire when I was sitting by the bonfire.
There was somebody in the graveyard in and out of the farmyard.
The vampire was eating a treat, which I can’t eat, or heat.

By Ann Sweeny

The Night

The night is scary,
It is Halloween,
With eggs and powder,
The children so mean.

A dead awakening,
The witch in full flight,
They’re dead, they’re scary,
It will give you a fright

I’m trick or treating.
I knock on the door.
A Frankenstein comes out
And I give a loud shout.

Blood is streaming
Down his face
I’m screaming in disgrace.

By Peter Cafferkey


It’s Halloween night
And it is bright.
The ware wolf
Is out and the
Moon is full.
A child throws an egg.
It hits a car.
The alarm
Goes off and
Is heard from afar.

A ghost says boo and the children
Go boo to you too.
We see a movie and we shout
“Happy Halloween”.

By Padraic Ginty

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