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6th Class

Poetry Selection > Halloween Poetry 2007-2008


One Halloween night,
I sat on the floor,
When somebody knocked
On the door.

Was it a witch, pumpkin, or knight?
Who ever they were they
Gave me a fright.

“Do you want money,
Sweets or food?”
“What do you want?”
You’re in the Halloween mood!

In a whisper it said
“You’ll be dead
If you don’t give me
A skeleton’s head”

Fireworks blew
As it gazed at the moon.
Then it flew off
On a broom.

Towards the graveyard
In the wind and the rain.
The blood off his knife
Dripped in the drain.

By Cliona Conway


On Halloween you will scream
If you walk down the street.
The ware wolfs will howl and you will hear his
Growl at the stroke of night.

The fireworks will spark and the children will laugh
The monsters will come out and scare you.
The dead will rise when the full moon light the ghost will scream at you.

The witches will fly about on their brooms
If you walk through the graveyard you will be doomed.
The pumpkin will grow and bite your toe so I would
Advise you to not let it grow.

The Skeletons bones will rattle
Away until Halloween is over.
So watch out on Halloween night
Because you might get a fright.

By Noreen McGowan


Halloween night is
An old scary night.
The witches are flying
And the silly kids are crying.

Their bones are showing
But the witches show no Sign of going.
Their bones are showing
But the witches show no sign of going
Their parents are moaning and groaning and it is showing.

Ghosts are at their most
And we are their hosts.
Bodies of the dead
Are alive and well.
However all are from Hell.

By Séan Butler


I was walking one night
But whom did I see?
Some ghosts flying and dying
All around me.

The witches are flying,
The small kids are crying,
The parents look scared like
They are being chased by a
Grizzly bear.
They grab their kids
And run them
To bed.

Because the witches
And ghosts will
Eat there

By Shane McManamon

O Halloween o Halloween

The moon is full of light
Walking down the street
At night.

Witches flying all around high
Oh high up in the sky

Skeleton dancing down the street,
Dancing with his bony feet.

The ware wolf is out and he
Will shout
“Get to bed or
I’ll get your head”

By Aisling Ginty


It’s Hallowe’en, It’s Hallowe’en
The moon is shining bright,
Mummies are rising from their tombs
And witches are flying on their brooms.
The ware wolves are howling into the night
Beware of its bite.

The bats are flying out of the cave,
Skeletons are dancing down the lane.
They haunt the streets,
Knock on the door
And say Trick or Treat.

By Caolan Leneghan

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