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5th Class

Poetry Selection > Mini-Beast Poetry 2010-2011


The flea and the bee.
The millipede and the centipede.
The butterfly and the dragonfly.
With wings and antennae and
Head and a thorax and
Legs and a abdomen.
A spider in its web.
A bee in its hive.

By Tara Conway


Minibeasts come in
All different sizes
From as big as a bee
To as small as a flee
With dragonflies
And butterflies
Gliding through the air
There is a beetle
Crawling on the ground
With it’s antennas to sense around
The grasshopper looking is looking green
Camouflaged and never seen.

By Michael Conway

Mini beasts

An ant a bee,
A butterfly a flea,
As you will soon see,
A grasshopper jumps

Up and down and a
Wasp just flies around.

By Stephen Grealis


The fly and the butterfly
The fly flies around and the butterfly rests on the ground
The bee is in its hive making honey
And the grasshopper is big and green and very alive and funny

By Dervla Ginty

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