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6th Class

Poetry Selection > Mini-Beast Poetry 2010-2011

6th Class Poetry on Mini Beasts

Mini beasts are feisty little things
Arenít they???
The bee is like
A flea but
A bee flies and stings
A butterfly is a free creature
And so is a beetle
I gasp when I see a wasp
The ant isnít gonna
Come out
Until thereís food about
You might even die
With a fly

By Eilis leneghan

The Butterfly
The butterfly
Comes and flies
And doesnít
Really touch the
It takes pollen
From a flower
And flutters
With power
They could be
Blue, green,
Pink or black
It doesnít really
Because beauty
They donít

By Anita McGinty


A beetle and a bee.
I can see they have six legs.
And two eyes that see.
They are smaller than you and me.
The flea is smaller then a bee

By Jack Butler

Mini beasts
Insects have six legs
Spiders have eight
Donít get mixed up
Or you will make a mistake
Moths like light
Bees and wasps like you
The queen bee is the big bee
Watch out the Black Widow is about

By Darragh Leneghan


I know a bee has six legs
two wings are black and yellow
A grasshopper is green
when itís in the grass it
can never be seen.

By Thomas Butler


A bee is not a bug

And a bug is not a bee.
A bee can fly
And also die.
An insect has feelers
And feelings.
A louse is smaller
Than a mouse.
A grasshopper is
Not coloured brass
But lives in the grass

By OisŪn Leneghan

Mini Beastís
The fly zooms by
The bee stung me
The flea ate a pea
The ant goes pant
The beetle is black
Like a coal sack
The grasshopper
Is named Harry Plopper
The louse doesnít like
A mouse
You donít die with a fly
The dragonfly is a nagging fly

By Liam Sweeney

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