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Parish History

History of Ballygaravaun

As Saint Patrick was crossing the mountains he came to the village of Ballygaravaun. He went into a house asked an old lady for a drink of water. “The well has dried up” she said, “but I can give you a cup of Buttermilk”. Saint Patrick said “that will be fine” and she gave it to him. When he drank it, he went down to the garden and dug up a spring under the rocks. That well will never dry out, he said. The tracks of saint Patrick's feet can still be seen there. When he was leaving the house he said that nobody in Ballycroy would ever be killed by thunder or lightning. In Ballygaravaun there lived Vikings and they were cruel to their prisoners. The ruins of the prisons can be still seen there. There are two giants' graves in Ballygaravaun also.

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