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Parish History


Drumgallagh got its name from the many Standing Stones (or Galláns) to be found there. Or perhaps it means the ridge of the stones or sally rods. is a megalithic tomb called a portal dolmen situated in the property of Mr. Johnny McManamon. It has been there for thousands of years; it was probably built in the Stone Age. It is the second biggest dolmen Ireland. There is supposed to be people buried there but the only people we know of is Diarmuid and Gráinne. Before now people didn't call them dolmens they called them names such as “big flags”, “Giant's stones” and “Diarmuid and Gráinne's bed”.
It is a single chambered tomb; it is mostly freestanding. A huge capstone rests on three large stones forming a portal or entrance into the chamber itself.are also three small wells on the capstones. The dolmen itself weighs approximately ten tonne. This monument is preserved but had been converted in recent times into a shed. A gabled roof of sods and rough thatch was laid across the arthostats. This has now been removed.

Dolmon located in Drumgallagh

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