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Parish History

Rock house

One of Claggan's most historical interests is the rock house. It got its name because Birch (the owner) built it on a rock. Birch was so fascinated with the sights and scenery that he bought a lot of land around Ballycroy. Then he sold it to George Clive who made many changes around Claggan. He built fences and many roads. He created many jobs for people around Ballycroy. They didn't get paid in money but they got paid in food. As time went on people got friendly with the Clive family and George told them about his fight for his life in the Indian war of Independence. He was General in that war; he was landlord of Annagh Island, Bellyvenny, Belygaravaun, Castlehill, Claggan, Claggan Mountain, Drumgallagh and Essuan. General Clive later died and was buried at the protestant church Ballycroy and there was a rumour that he had one of his most valuable and expensive rings on. One man was so curious that he decided to dig up the grave to get the ring but someone caught him. Later on General Clive's son came to the rock house and stayed there for a little while.he sold it to the Chambers family who kept it for a while in the family before selling it to a French family called Maillets. They own it now and employ one-person full time. They made many changes and improvements for example they widened the paths around the house and wood.

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