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The Easter Rising 1916

100 years ago,
The Easter Rising started.
The buildings were destroyed,
The Dubliners were annoyed.
All I could here was gunfire,
Joseph Plunkett was a liar.
The brave Irish men,
Did not give in.
They were all executed in Kilmainham Jail.
The Easter Rising for them was a fail.

By Katie Cafferkey and Grace McManamon (5th Class)

1916 Easter Rising

100 years ago
I remember the GPO
They had boats
And they wore army coats
If they had arms
There would be no harm
Bolands Mill
The biscuits spill
Pádraig Pearse
Was very fierce.
And James Connolly.
Roger Casement went on a boat
That did not float.
The brave leaders of 1916
Were never again to be seen.

By Caoimhe Murray & Molly McManamon (4th Class)

1916 Easter Rising

The rising happened in 1916
James Connolly joined in 1915
Padraig Pearse read the proclamation
For his home nation
They went to Kilmainham
To be executed
They were killed
And their coffins were filled.

By Kevin Leneghan (6th Class)

1916 Rising

100 years ago
The Easter Rising started to go
World War 1 began
Some people ran
The Aud sank
Near the bank
The G.P.O was on fire
The fire got higher
Some were killed
The graves were filled
With brave Irish men
Who did not really sin
Just wanted to free Ireland
From the heavy grip of England.

By Cian McGowan & Jason Calvey
(5th Class)

The Easter Rising 1916

I remember it well
It was almost 100 years ago
I stood on the steps of the GPO
I was part of the IRB
And I could clearly see
James Connolly.
World War 1 was going on
All of Europe was being bombed
Joseph Plunkett forged a letter
In hope to make things better
We were all taken to Kilmainham Jail
Because everyone thought the rising was a fail
If only they had found out it turned out alright
Because they put up a great fight

By Brendan Conway and Colin Grealis (6th Class)

Easter Rising 1916-2016

The Easter Rising of 1916
The British army was very mean.
Joseph Plunket and Eamonn Ceant
Were members of the I.R.B
Which was founded by James Connolly

A key member of the I.R.B was Padraig Pearse
The British army was very fierce
The Aud was carrying the ammunition
It was going to Co. Kerry
Where it had to be positioned
The British army captured The Aud
Joseph Plunkett was declared of fraud

By Mairéad Sweeney (6th Class), Amy Conway (5th Class) and Emma Mc Manamon (6th Class)

Easter Rising

In 1916 the Easter Rising began,
The IRB had a plan.
Joseph Plunkett forged a letter;
it did not make things better.

Arthur Griffith founded Sinn Féin,
Ireland and Britain were in so much pain.
Ireland was saved,
But some famous leaders
Ended up in graves

By Kathy Rowland & Katie Grealis (5th Class)

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